15 de abr. de 2022

Traveling - Gabriel García Márquez

Traveling is leaving from home

It's leaving behind the friends

It's trying to fly

Fly learning other branches

Walking through paths

It´s trying to change


Traveling is getting dressed (looking) like a crazy

It's saying ''I don't care''

It's wanting to return

Return giving value to the little (things)

Tasting a cup

It's wishing to begin


Traveling is feeling like a poet

Writing a letter

It's wanting to hug

Hug when you arrive at a door

Yearning the calmness

It's letting to be kissed


Traveling is becoming mundane

It's meeting new people

It's starting again

Starting extending the hand

learning from the powerful

It's feeling the loneliness


Traveling is leaving from home

is getting dressed (looking) like a crazy

Telling everything and nothing on a postcard

It's sleeping in another bed

Feeling that time is short29

Traveling is coming back

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