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Discover five incredible Mansions of Contemporary Writers

Ken Follet

Bestselling author Ken Follett's oceanfront estate on a private island off the coast. The photos on the listing are really impressive.

The 11,000-square-foot home, named "Bananaquit" (named after a local bird), is located on Jumby Bay Island, an enclave that boasts a five-star Rosewood resort and 56 private residences.

Follett's has a plunge pool, tennis court and ample space for easy living, entertaining and writing (the novelist worked on many of his books there).

Stephen King

Perhaps the main attraction in Bangor, Maine, is King's home. The writer and his wife bought it in the 1980s and have spent a lot of time there since then. In winter, they usually go to Florida, a much warmer state.

From the outside, King's home looks like a cursed mansion from a classic horror movie. The old and gloomy house, built in 1870, is behind a black gate with wrought iron dragons and bats. Fans of the author simply cannot pass by without taking at least one photo.

JK Rowling

Being the richest of the group we would think that her house would be the biggest and richest, well it is a big house of course, but she could well have a castle if she wanted to, of course that kind of ostentation would be silly for such a creative mind.

Ian McEwan

McEwan is one of the most important fiction writers of his generation. With precise prose and an ironic and almost indifferent literary look, it is known for the construction of characters and the atmosphere of suspense and strangeness, with dark plots that bring ethical and moral dilemmas, perversity, incest, revenge and redemption.

Paulo Coelho

Finally, the Brazilian that everyone, even those who have never opened a book, has heard of. This carioca is one of the richest on the list with a net worth of R$ 2.5 billion. Want to know more about this unbelievable journey that led him to this sum, we have the article on Paulo Coelho's blog. Why this carioca managed to earn R$ 2.5 billion with his books. It's also the only one on the list that has an apartment instead of a house as its main home, but of course it's not just any small apartment. The property has 700 m².

Which of these five would you choose?

By, Sidney Matias
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