30 de mar. de 2023

Five important tips to improve your creative writing

It is possible to work on and improve creative writing, even if it seems to be something totally intuitive.

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Check out, in the text below, tips to improve your texts, improve techniques and even start producing creative narratives.

1. Read more

Advice 10 out of 10 lists tips for anyone wanting to improve their creative writing. We all know that there is no good writer who is not a good reader, it is impossible to sustain good writing if you do not have the habit of reading.

In order not to go unnoticed and superficial, we added some other tips to the reading tip: avoid distractions, no matter how difficult it may be, disconnect from social networks, turn off your cell phone, Netflix and create a reading routine.

For those who don't have the habit, don't think it's hard to create this routine. You don't dedicate yourself for 40, 50 minutes to watch a series? Don't have those 10 minutes of random Instagram browsing? So, just by eliminating these “habits”, you have already freed up 60 minutes of your day for reading.

If that sounds too extreme for you, why not start committing to 5 pages a day? Make it until it becomes a routine and, when you least realize it, the few pages turn into considerable minutes a day.

2. Practice writing freely

Among writers there is a method known as free writing or automatic writing. This methodology is very similar to brainstorming, however, instead of writing just ideas or words that come to mind, a complete text is produced here.

To optimize the free writing process, you can determine the format of the text, for example: a short story. Automatically, without thinking too much, just letting it flow, you produce a story that comes to mind naturally.

3. Get out of your comfort zone

One way to improve your creative writing is to unlock new skills. Creativity is also associated with production diversity, how about experimenting with new styles?

It's all too easy to get stuck in a creative writing style that we've mastered, but do you see how limiting that can be? Trying to produce new styles can not only show us new talents, but also improve those we already know.

4. Write it all down

Always have pen and paper or a text application handy so that no insight goes unnoticed. As much as it may seem like a “silly idea” at the time, it can be of great value in the future.

These ideas that come “out of nowhere” seem like something that was dormant and, when we least expect it, they come to the surface, so don't leave it aside, the more ideas, the better.

In addition to having more ideas to work on, your writing process will be much faster, after all, you will be practicing transforming thoughts into texts.

5. stimulate inspiration

Inspiration is always seen as something natural, that comes and goes without us having control over it. But not quite.

You can create the right environment for inspiration to come to you, create situations for it to come easily.

All these tips already given are propelling for you to have more inspirations. Other ways to attract her are to work in a conducive environment without distractions. Good music also helps a lot, it can be that sound that helps you focus and clear your mind.

Having your notes at hand, practicing constant exercises, all of this helps to avoid creative blockage, so a free mind is much more conducive to inspiration.

So, put some of these tips into practice so you don't wait for inspiration to fall from the sky.

Remember to always adapt to your reality and try new things.

Do you already follow any of these advice? What do you do to practice creative writing? Tell us in the comments.

March 30, 2023

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