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Alice is sitting with her sister in the garden when she sees a White Rabbit with a pocket watch. Fascinated by the sight, she follows the rabbit and enters a hole in a tree. She falls slowly for a long time and lands in a hallway full of doors. There is also a key on a table, which opens a tiny door; through this door, she sees a beautiful garden. Alice wants to go there, but the door is too small. Shortly after, she finds a bottle filled with liquid that has a label that says "Drink Me", and a cake with a label that says "Eat Me". Alice tastes both and finds that one of them causes her to shrink in size and the other makes her grow. She has difficulties using both, as she either gets too big to get through the door or she gets too small to reach the key.

Alice arrives at the Hare's house, where she is invited to the Teatime Party. At the Feast, the Hare, the Mad Hatter and the Country Rat are present. Since Time has stopped working for the Hatter, it's always six o'clock and it's tea time. The Tea Party creatures are the most discussed in all of Wonderland.

Alice leaves the party and finds a tree with a door; when she peeks through the door, she sees the hallway where she had started her adventure. This time, she is prepared and manages to make her way to the beautiful garden she had seen before. Upon arriving there, Alice discovers that she is in the Queen of Hearts' garden. Alice sees three gardeners, whose bodies are shaped like playing cards. They're too busy painting the roses red. Alice interrogates them and the gardeners say that if the Queen of Hearts finds out that they had planted white roses instead of red, they will be beheaded. Soon after, the Queen arrives in person and orders the immediate execution of the gardeners. Alice helps them hide in a large vase of flowers.

The Knave of Hearts was being accused of stealing the Queen's pies, but the evidence against him was very bad. Alice is stunned by the ridiculous court proceedings. She also starts to grow. Soon she is called to testify; by this time, she was already gigantic in size. Alice refuses to be intimidated by the court's twisted logic and accusations from the King and Queen of Hearts. Suddenly, all the cards get up and attack her. At this moment, she wakes up. His adventures in Wonderland had only been a fantastic dream.

Summary by

Sidney Matias

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