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Ephemeris of the day - On August 22, 1920, Ray Bradbury is born.

Ephemeris of the day

On August 22, 1920, Ray Bradbury is born.

Who was Ray Bradbury?

He was a prolific writer from a very young age, stating that writing would be his career from the age of 11. His first novel, The Martian Chronicles, imagines the colonization of Mars by humans fleeing a land devastated by atomic bombs. This was a common theme for many writers living during the Cold War, as they imagined total devastation with nuclear weapons at hand.

Bradbury's second novel, Fahrenheit 451, reveals a dystopian society in which firefighters are sent into homes to destroy books, and the home, with fire. The government keeps the masses busy with quick, mindless entertainment, but the books have real ideas and messages for people to avoid making the same mistakes of the past. The dangers of thought control and mindless entertainment are at the heart of Bradbury's dystopian world, as well as other writers of his time who were leaving World War II and entering the war between the fighting ideologies in the two world superpowers.

Bradbury's visions of the future may seem bland by today's standards, but in turn he reflected both optimism about scientific advances and fear of government control and the power of technology. Bradbury died in Los Angeles in 2012 after a long illness, but luckily, he didn't get to see any of his dark visions of the future come true.

Famous works by Ray Bradbury

> The Martian Chronicles

> Fahrenheit 451

> The Illustrated Man

> Something evil is coming this way

> All Summer in One Day

> Zen in the Art of Writing


Ray Bradbury more Details

Full name Ray Douglas Bradbury

Born August 22, 1920

Waukegan, Illinois, United States

Death June 6, 2012 (91 years old)

Los Angeles, California, United States

North American nationality

Spouse Marguerite McClure


Son(s) 4 daughters: Susan Bradbury, Ramona Bradbury, Bettina Bradbury and Alexandra Bradbury

Occupation Writer and screenwriter


American Academy of Arts and Letters (1954)

Daytime Emmy Award (1994)

National Medal of Arts (2004)

Pulitzer Prize (2007);

Literary Genre: 

Science Fiction, Fantasy, Horror, Thriller


Description of the ephemeris made by

Sidney Matias

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