1 de mar. de 2023

10 Tips for preserving your books

Check out our tips for preserving your books below:

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  1. Store your books on a shelf vertically, without pressing them.
  2. Leave a space between the books stored on the shelf and the wall to protect them from moisture.
  3. Do not leave your books exposed to sunlight.
  4. At least every six months wipe each of your books with a clean, dry cloth.
  5. Do not use metal clips or bend the sheets so as not to mark the pages.
  6. Avoid wrapping your books.
  7. When handling your books, always try to keep your hands clean.
  8. Avoid fully opening paperback books.
  9. When removing a book from the shelf, pull it through the middle of the spine.
  10. Do not write on sheets of paper over books.
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Article By Matias Santana

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