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The world lives in constant mutation and with each change comes something new. In the literature scenario, the innovation that has been gaining more and more prominence is the act of listening to a book. That's right, in the literal sense of the word “listen”. With technological advances came the audiobook, another form of reading, a new way of knowing stories. It is on this subject that we will talk in this text. To stay in the loop, read on!

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The audiobook, also called a spoken book, appeared in Brazil in 1970, refers to a book in audio format. The transition from the written story to the audio is done through a voice recording, in a recording studio or in an environment that has a recorder. The reading is usually done by the author of the work or by professional narrators. The recordings can be found in different formats, such as audio CD, K7, MP3, MP4, etc. To enrich the story, it is common to use sound effects in the background.


Construction of critical thinking

Among the many benefits of the audiobook we can mention the improvement of critical and analytical thinking skills. That's because it develops areas of the brain that struggle to simultaneously process information. In addition, the organ is also exercised when trying to connect the events of the plot, seeking to make sense of the story. With that, it is recommended to use the audiobook in the classroom, developing the pleasure for literature in other ways.

Improves pronunciation and fluency

Another interesting advantage of the audiobook is that it allows the user to understand and learn the pronunciation of new words. In addition, it is also very good for developing students' oral reading ability. This is because, it is possible to understand how the reading speed works, the pauses, tensions and even intonations. This contributes a lot to the literacy process and can also be used in learning new languages, such as English for example.

More effective time management

The audiobook is a great tool for anyone who has a very hectic routine and wants to include the habit of reading in it. This is because it allows the use of time with multitasking. You can, for example, listen to a few chapters of a book while commuting to work, using public transport, tidying up the house or going to the gym. The options are many.


Among the advantages of the audiobook, the most striking is its accessibility. This is because they are excellent for people with visual impairments, or even those with reading disorders such as dyslexia. Including the audiobook in your school's teaching plan is a big step towards making it increasingly inclusive.


There are those who think that the audiobook distances the reader from the passion for books. But, in fact, it is just an alternative that encourages access to literary knowledge. It is important to point out that audiobooks have conquered many reader-listeners, most of whom are young people, who already use edevice applications.

This format can be used, for example, as a resource to facilitate reading for people with visual impairments or reading difficulties, helping them to become part of literary culture.

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The audiobook market is already on the rise in other countries and is gaining notoriety in Brazil. Proof of this is that it has been the subject of several events. An example is the recent opening of Narratix, an audiobook producer in Brasilia. The founder, André Calgaro, in an interview with PublishNews, reported that he decided to invest in the business when he realized how well it was working in the international market. With that, he imagined that the format could also work in Brazil.

The Digital Consumer Book Barometer 2019 survey, published by PublishNews, identified that the audiobook market represents 180 million euros. In addition, it corresponds to between 30% and 50% of all digital revenue of the publishers that participated in the survey.

The audiobook market is so highly regarded in other countries that there is even the “Oscar” of the American book market, the so-called Audie Awards. The event takes place annually and has publishers, storytellers and products looking forward to its arrival. Among the 24 award categories are Audiobook of the Year, Best Narrator and Best Narrator.

Article by Sidney Matias

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