11 de abr. de 2023

Mendeleev's dream

On February 17, 1869, Russian scientist Dimitri Mendeleev faced a problem; he had been working on his work for months: "organic chemistry", then one night he fell asleep in his laboratory, something that happened regularly, that night he dreamed of seeing a table in which all the elements fit together, when he woke up from this dream. He wrote all this down on paper after three days of trying to sort the elements into families according to their chemical properties.

Fundamentally, what he formed was to group the elements in horizontal lines according to their increasing atomic number (the number of protons in the nucleus), starting with hydrogen, then Mendeleev, was to unite them by families in vertical columns considering the number of electrons . The dream he had made him immortal in the history of science.

Who was Dimitri Ivánovich Mendeléiev?

Mendeléiev was born in Russia Tobolsk of Saint Petersburg, (1834 _1907) was a Russian chemist, recognized for discovering the periodic table of elements, is considered one of the fathers of modern chemistry. 

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