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Tina Turner - Eternal Queen of Rock - short biography

One of the greatest singers of all time was undoubtedly Anna Mae Bullock or simply Tina Turner.

One of the greatest singers of all time was undoubtedly Anna Mae Bullock or simply Tina Turner. The singer, songwriter, dancer and producer is North American and was born in Nutbush, Tennesse on November 26, 1939, daughter of the couple Zelma Priscilla Currie and Floyd Richard Bullock.

Tina Turner's first steps in music occurred when she sang in a Baptist church that she attended with her family. The singer went to live with her mother when she was 11 years old after she separated from Tina Turner's father due to the many physical attacks she suffered over the years she was married to the singer's father.

Although Tina Turner dreamed of becoming a singer, she initially worked as a maid in the homes of wealthy families. The singer got married very early with her first boyfriend and soon had a son and continued as a maid. In this environment, Tina Turner was already starting to sing at some events, but without success and enough money to change her life.

After graduating and investing in technical courses, the singer gets a job as a nurse in a hospital. It didn't take long and Tina Turner was already being known for her musicality and starting to become famous, which made her leave work and dedicate herself only to music.

It was at the club where Tina Turner's sister was a waitress that she first saw Raymond Hill and Ike Turner perform and was impressed with the performers. However, they were more impressed than her when they saw her sing. It didn't take long and Tina was invited to be a backing vocalist for both artists' band.

Soon, with tips from friends in the band, she expanded her repertoire and learned to develop stage presence, which guaranteed her becoming the band's lead singer. After a while playing only in that region, the band was discovered by producers and managers who provided the recording of the first album in 1958.

The band was beginning to be successful when a romantic relationship between Tina and Ike Turner made them separate from each of their spouses and assume a relationship, but that cost the band's survival. Next to Ik, the singer decides to form a duo. From then on Tina Turner would receive such a stage name and would be a resounding success with her first single “Fool in Love” which was among the most played on the Billboard Hot 100.

Tina Turner continued to be successful and even made films starring in “Tommy”. However, by the mid-70s Ike had become a compulsive drug user and constantly assaulted and humiliated the singer. It was with these aggressive actions that Tina Turner wanted to put an end and in 1978 she separated from Ike Turner.

Tina Turner followed a solo career with a few albums without being able to chart until, in 1983, she recorded Private Dancer and had an extraordinary success worldwide. There were 5 million albums in the United States alone and 11 million worldwide. In 1985, she continued, in parallel, with her acting career and made a special participation in the successful film “Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome”. Until the year 2000, Tina Turner's success was unquestionable and the singer continued with her musical legacy.

At the beginning of the year 2000, he said that he needed to rest from music, take care of his family and his life. After eight years without being in the spotlight and without doing a show, the singer performed just one more time in celebration of her 50-year career. Since then Tina Turne has moved to Switzerland and is involved in philanthropy there.

The singer was first married to musician Raymond Hill with whom she had a son named Raymond Craig Bullock Hill and later had a second son with Ike Turner named Ronnie Bullock Turner. The singer is married to German music producer Erwin Bach.


Tina revealed in her 2018 memoir My Love Story that she suffered life-threatening illnesses. In 2013, three weeks after her marriage to Erwin Bach, she suffered a stroke and had to learn to walk again. In 2016, she was diagnosed with bowel cancer. Tina opted for homeopathic remedies to treat her high blood pressure which resulted in kidney damage and eventual kidney failure. Her chances of receiving a kidney were low and she was urged to start dialysis. She considered assisted suicide and applied to be a member of Exit, but Bach offered to donate a kidney for her transplant. Turner underwent kidney transplant surgery on April 7, 2017.


Tina Turner died at the age of 83 at her home in Switzerland. The death was confirmed by an aide to her, but the cause was not disclosed. It was only said that she died "after a long illness".

Tina Turner Biography Summary

Name: Anna Mae Bullock

Occupation: Singer, songwriter, dancer and actress

Nationality: North American; Switzerland.

Date of birth: 11/26/1939

Died May 24, 2023 (age 83)

Kusnacht, Switzerland

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