18 de fev. de 2022

Alice Through the Looking-Glass - Lewis Carroll

Another magical story, where our destination is Wonderland.

Lewis Carroll is one of the biggest names in literature. Their stories show us a singular enchantment.

Its characters are unique, and I take readers on a journey through the story.

Alice is a pure-hearted girl. For wanting only the good of everyone around her, she was chosen to know a wonderful world, and discover all its secrets.

What would you do if you came across talking animals?

Alice went to live her adventure through the looking glass.

He found talking animals and plants, got to know a crazy world and made unusual friendships.

But Alice's goal, through the looking glass, was to become a queen.

He would have to race against time to conquer his space alongside the White Queen and the Red Queen.

But nothing would be that easy.

I would face an army of cards.

I would fight alongside enchanted creatures.

I would listen to the most absurd speeches and teachings.

Was it all a dream?

Or is there really an enchanted world?

What really exists through the looking glass?

A magical work that gives us values ​​and purity.

Casa de Livro Recommends.

Karina Belo

Title: Alice Through the Looking-Glas

Author: Lewis Carroll 

Publisher: ‎ Candlewick Press (MA); Illustrated issue (14 April 2009)

Language : ‎ English

Paperback : ‎ 224 pages

Illustrator: Helen Oxenburys

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