16 de fev. de 2022

The Picture of Dorian Gray - Oscar Wilde

Oscar Wilde left us as an inheritance one of the most beautiful works that make up the world's literary scene.

The work entitled “The Picture of Dorian Gray” takes us to a world totally different from the one we know today.

The work makes us explore our psychic, trying to find traits or references that the author makes, on top of his central characters.

A wonderful plot that addresses issues such as the ephemerality of beauty, friendship and moral values.

Dorian Gray is a young man gifted with an unusual beauty that enchants and paralyzes everyone.

Its special, unique and childlike beauty ends up inspiring Basil Hallward, a great painter who wants to discover his way of painting, his big dream is to make the best painting of his life.

Dorian will therefore become his exclusive model, and Basil manages, through this beauty and influence of the young man, to create his best work.

This work will be the greatest pride, and also the greatest torment of Dorian Gray's life.

It is through Basil that Dorian meets Lord Henry Wottom, a friend who will enter the boy's mind, influencing him and distorting his life choices.

Lord Henry is a pervert, an aristocrat of British society who decides to show the boy that his beauty and youth must be used. As much as possible, Dorian shouldn't worry about anyone but himself, he should live and do whatever he wants.

Gray starts to have a totally unscrupulous way of life, without guilt, remorse, sins.

The young man is so lost in his actions and in his beauty that he makes a wish to the painting.

Dorian Gray asks the painting to age in his place so he can remain young and beautiful forever.

He couldn't imagine the consequences this request would have on his life. About your choices. About your future.

Henry becomes increasingly necessary in Dorian's life. The boy seeks a life full of surprises and adrenaline, and his newest friend helps him to be less shy and turns him into a reckless man in his actions, always using beauty to achieve what he wants.

But the board can give it away.

It can prove that your choices, your actions, your desires are unworthy.

Dorian needs to hide him from society. But a revelation will fall on your shoulders. A truth that can reveal all your mental illness, all your fragile psychic.

Will Dorian Gray let his secret out?

Can such a proud man pay for his crimes and irresponsible acts?

Will Basil pay the price for having him portrayed?

Oscar Wilde proposes to us in the work, the superficiality of personal concepts in relation to others.

People's lives revolve around appearance. Only the outer beauty is what matters.

Judgment, the argument between good and evil, moral and immoral, how far can a person go to satisfy his desires? All this is discussed in the plot, in a brilliant and totally engaging way.

Casa de Livro Recommends.

Karina Belo

Product Details:

Author: Oscar Wilde

Publisher ‏ : ‎ Authentic; 1st edition (17 March 2020)

Language ‏ : ‎ English

Paperback ‏ : ‎ 256 pages

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