9 de dez. de 2022

Fernando Pessoa XVI - No matter now or past or future. XVI

No matter now or past or future. Be

Lovers' age in your glee!

Give all your thoughts to this great muscled day

That like a courser tears

The bit of Time, to make night come and say

The maiden mount now her first rider bears!

Flesh pinched, flesh bit, flesh sucked, flesh girt around.

Flesh crushed and ground,

These things inflame your thoughts and make ye dim

In what ye say or seem!

Rage out in naked glances till ye fright

Your ague of delight,

In glances seeming clothes and thoughts to hate

That fleshes separate;

Stretch out your limbs to the warm day outside,

To feel it while it bide!

For the strong sun, the hot ground, the green grass,

Each far lake's dazzling glass,

And each one's flushed thought of the night to be

Are all one joy-hot unity.


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