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What is Ghost Writer?

The ghost writer, as he is also called, is a professional paid to write texts officially signed by other people.

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Most of the time Ghost Writer is not credited for authoring the text as part of a copyright assignment agreement. The professional delivers the material that was requested, sells his rights and receives for it.In addition to biographies, the Ghost Writer collaborate with blogs, with texts for websites, participate in series and film scripts, write newspaper and magazine columns, chronicles, opinion articles, among other materials. There is a field full of opportunities for this professional to act.

A permanent caution: Ghost Writer needs to be responsible for not disclosing that content as its own.

But now you must be thinking that the services of this professional will not impact your business. Big mistake.

It can help a lot. Now we are going to highlight 4 benefits for your business when relying on the services of a Ghost Writer in a communication strategy or B2B content marketing.

Time saving

“I don't have time to write. What do I do?"

You may have heard that phrase from a co-worker of yours, haven't you?

Or rather, you yourself must be one of the thousands of professionals who claim more time in their work routine. Claim more than fair!

Not having space in your schedule to dedicate yourself to writing content is, for many, an effect of a stressful routine and overloaded with other tasks.

There are numerous meetings, emails, videoconferences, visits to clients, among other activities. All require a lot of attention and take a lot of time.

Most people present in offices, or now, in the home office, adopted en masse by companies as a measure of social isolation, are unable to fit into their schedule a space to produce texts that require a lot of verification work.

Therefore, consider that in addition to not having time to devote to content marketing, there are few who know the techniques of writing, and even less, who do not master methods such as SEO, keywords, mental triggers and much more, which in fact require a specialized professional.

Not having enough time to write and a lack of technical expertise play a huge part in the quality of content marketing. These are basic premises and insisting on doing without them is a very serious mistake.

To make the text interesting for the reader and, of course, for him to perform the action of reading and interacting, it is necessary to take all these requirements into account.

Therefore, it is recommended to leave this activity to the Ghost Writer, who will have the time and skills to create and deliver the necessary content.

It is also a form of prospecting

Having someone technical to do this content marketing work will help you gain more time to prospect clients, study new areas of activity and create intelligent processes.

And the more you rely on the service of a Ghost Writer, the more chances your business will experience growth.

The ghost writer's work itself is a form of prospecting. Because it is an extremely strategic activity, it allows an article or ebook to end up being a channel to generate conversions and leads for your company.

brand recognition

The ghost writer also helps companies in the development and brand recognition, more efficiently and quickly.

If before you could find space in your schedule to create relevant content once a quarter, or once a month, when you were really lucky, with a ghost writer you can speed up the process of spreading your brand story.

Increasing the frequency of disclosures increases awareness in front of your target audience and can help create engagement with this audience.

While leaders need time to manage the business, the Ghost Writer needs time to write.

Made by a "ghost", but it's authentic

It's time to talk about the myth that permeates common sense and that many insist on reproducing: the Ghost Writer's work is not authentic.

This debate always comes up again. And it is not so difficult to understand the reasons that lead to such distrust.

Imagine a screenwriter who built up a solid fan base, and when passing on the task of writing to someone else, the public will realize that it is not their favorite writer and this will generate discomfort in these people, who have stopped following their author in the sequence. The same happens with soap opera authors and so on.

It is natural for managers to think alike. But this is the time for you to reassure yourself!

Ghost Writers! This codename may scare a lot of people away, but don't be put off by the nickname.

A good professional Ghost Writer works closely with their clients, identifying tone of voice and other peculiar speech characteristics and unifying them in all writings.

Those who work with the Ghost Writer service understand that this is an authentic way of doing their job and there is no other way to go.

I hope you are less worried from now on!

Finally, many professionals simply cannot translate their ideas into words.

The art of writing needs to be in the hands of a good professional.

Managers should only be concerned with their strengths, whether it's leading their company in emerging markets, developing products, or even mentoring their team.

Most people don't realize it, but hiring a ghost writer has many benefits for your business. Leave the writing in the hands of these professionals. 

Good Reading,

Sidney Matias

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